We work for YOU, not for the insurance companies

Why work with LifeGuy Insurance?

We will help you find the cheapest insurance available!

We have access to over 80 insurance companies and can compare their prices based on your state, age, health status, etc. When you’re looking for insurance, we know that you want to spend the least amount of money out of your pocket. That’s why we make sure to present you just the lowest costs based on your needs and availability of benefits.

Should I deal directly with the insurance company?

You can, but they will not be able to assure you that they offer the best plan for you. Plus, YOU PAY THE EXACT SAME PREMIUM if you use a licensed agent or if you purchase the policy directly from the insurance companies. As a matter of fact, when you call an insurance company direct, they will assign you to speak with one of their inside licensed agents anyway, who will be biased to force you into a plan provided by their own company, without giving you the option for comparisons with the competing insurance companies.

Trust a licensed insurance broker who works with over 80 insurance carriers to offer unbiased comparisons and find your best fit at the lowest premiums!

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